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Read the review for Waiting For a Greater Good at, then go get the CD!
(Note on the review: Alfonzo hardly ever sounds like Ozzy!)

Reviews for My Demons Disagree
“Notorious for destroying its instruments during its intense live sets, Boston (four) piece Humans Being packs an equally visceral punch on its debut album, My Demons Disagree.  Seething hate at every turn, the band's metallic hardcore quickly elevates the listeners adrenaline and never relents throughout the album's 10 pounding tracks.  Rhythms bounce and bulge under vehement guitars, which suffer methodical abuse.  And methodical seems to be the m.o. of the entire recording:  Produced and engineered by Glen Robinson (Gwar, Cycle Sluts From Hell), My Demons Disagree was recorded and mixed in an unheard-of 12 hours - such a feat could only have been accomplished by the most workman-like musicians.  Learn the nature of the demons' disgruntlement on the title track and relish in the pure ferocity of 'Exhausted' and 'First Time In a Hearse'.”

“The Boston-based band Humans Being boast huge mouthfuls of triple-tongue growls and showcases a thick array of grizzly riffs.  The band's debut, My Demons Disagree, produced by Glen Robinson (GWAR, 5 Seconds Expired, Cycle Sluts From Hell, Annihalator), will encourage your nocturnal listeners to crawl out from the basement and turn up the volume.  The CD's title implies that the band's demons are in conflict, but yours will be in total agreement regarding the dark depth of abrasiveness and aggression Humans Being provides.  The only thing my demons are quarreling about is which track to play first and which track to use to exorcise the born again Christians from the apartment above mine.  I'll probably play all the tracks, because the crunchy guitars come flying through them all like a body through a windshield after a head-on collision.  The guitars screech wretched chords over battered vocals that end with a thud from the rhythm section.  Humans Being is an excellent tool for maintaining the belligerent aggressive and edge of any metal show.”
The Gavin Report

“Man, does this record fucking rock!  Deep from the abyss comes Humans Being and their most brutal records, My Demons Disagree.  This is the stuff dreams are made of kiddies!  Deep, heavy, brick-wall-style thick guitar grooves with vocals that would give Coalesce a run for their money.  Humans Being are right up there with Kiss it Goodbye, The Unsane and Coalesce when it comes to sheer bitter intensity.  The music structures, while basic, are really good and the record just oozes evil.  This is the kind of record that makes me happy to hear heavy music again.  No boring mosh parts, no stupid inane lyrics about how a friend stabbed me in the back.  This is just pure thick, heavy, evil riffs with the type of screaming that other bands wish they could pull off.”
— Iann Robinson, CHORD magazine, issue #14

Here's a review from the Northeast Performer magazine, 1/98:

"Humans being is the kind of heavy-ass rock that your parents made fun of you for listening to:  hard, angry lyrics fired out through a throaty primal roar commonplace of many of today's mudcore bands.  All of this supported by a thick wall of cacophonous noise that is as yielding as granite.  A cutting, seventies garage-rock guitar slices through the battle-march drumming to steer it down a deep dark alley where the bass looms dangerously to ink in the shadows and that voice grunts forth as if the lungs that powered it were full of blood.
Despite what your parents might think, these grunting lyrics are more introspective than they would seem.  From the first track, 'First Time in a Hearse' - 'Death makes me apprehensive / of what's to come / will I have done all that I should have done / or will I be taken out of the scenes / I created inside my own head?'  With a tough exoskeleton and the countenance of a crank-addled biker it is easy to miss the much less apparent, but far more impressive, facets of Humans Being.  The guitar work is a commanding force with a heavy old-school sound and the percussive intricacies of the drums is a core strength to this band.
This is straight on grunt-rock, primal in its roots and heavy in its metal.  After all, this is the kind of music that frightens the faun, curdles the cows, and tightens the Bible Belt - and we wouldn't want it any less.  But the difference that lies between Humans Being and most other grunt-rock is the fact that they can pull it off pretty damn well.  Warning:  Listening to Humans Being may result in head-banging."  <It really said that... I'm not making it up! -dv>

-Rev. Keith W. Harris

From SYSTEM #5, regarding "My Demons Disagree":

"Humans Being have certainly progressed and grown since the last time I've heard them.  This is unreal.  The recording sounds like they spent big bucks on it.  Their sound is so brutal and intense it's hard to describe.  They have some technical parts, some chugga parts, and some really unique things going on.  The vocals are what make them stand out though because sometimes they are screamed, talked, sung, growled, and sometimes he sounds like Taz which is great."


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