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Today I took a look at the decrepit state of this HB site, with all the malformed HTML code and broken links and I said to meself, "This sucks hard."
What can I say? Everyone's doing fine. Dana's in with two new bands at the same time, The Electric Eye and Mustapha Mond, over on the West Coast. And I'm on the East Coast cleaning up after everyone. Thankfully we've got CD Baby, selling copies of the second (and final??) HB disc, so now you have something to buy others for Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa... especially Kwanzaa.
Wish I had more news, but life goes on for us individuals.

Brother Jay



Hey, Brother Jay here.

The Humans are currently among you. Just not playing together for now.

Half of them are starting new families. I think that's a good thing.

Dana's currently checking out the race in Oregon, a whole new scene to work in. And Steve will have a hand in at least one new track by the Big Log, playing keyboards.

That's my contribution for now. Gotta go to work.

Peace, y'all.



Howdy. First, thanks to all of the folks who came out to the Humans/Olda Brotha show last week at the Middle East. There were more people there than I've seen in a while, especially for a Tuesday. Olda Brotha rocked it, and thanks to everyone who dug the different stuff we were doing. We weren't sure how it would go over. Thank you thank you thank you.

And in case you didn't know, the 2-cd Faith No More Tribute Tribute of the Year is finally available. Right on.

And there's a new guestbook. Fill 'er up again, see how it works.



Hey there folks... two new quick notes:

Everyone come out to the MIDDLE EAST club in Cambridge on August 6th. It's one of those few-and-far-between Humans shows. Our friends Olda Brotha will be joining us and surely they'll be at least as energetic a show as we are.

Also: we've uploaded an instrumental demo of a new song onto our site. We recorded it ourselves and it sounds good. Some things are a little OFF here and there, but you can attribute that to the unorthodox recording technique. You'll like it nonetheless. You'll need to wait a few days or more before it appears on the site, as it is awaiting approval by the esteemed staff.



First, thanks to all of the folks that came out to GoodTimes a few weeks ago. It was good to see lots of familiar faces from the past 6 or 7 years. We hadn't played in a while and the energy was there. We all had a good time.

There was lots of talk about it being our last show, but I ask you not to count us out so easily.

But here's the info.... That split that was mentioned in the last news update isn't happening. Our recording was kind of un-satisfactory anyway. We love the songs and hope they see the light someday.

We seem to be in a state of chaotic evolution, as people, as a band, as a world. Much confusion in everyone's lives and hearts!

We all have the desire to make more music, something different and something relevant, but first we all need to take some steps within ourselves. Your environment defines your mindframe as much as you may learn and fight to try and live differently, and without some sort of drastic change, here we are in the same old traps. I'm sure that many of you know what a rehearsal studio is like. Try making dynamics in your music with constant heavyness seeping through your walls and shaking the room. And going down the same roads for years and going to the same places and staying in the same environment creates a real lack of inspiration and frustration. So if you don't see us or hear new music from us for a while, please don't count us out.

Ok, in other news: Volume one of the Faith No More comp is slated to come out on July 9th (tentatively) according to the website (See below for the link). This is the volume we're on. We thought it would never happen.

Humans related music (but very different): wherewithal. - totally improv experimental ambient silly weird blah blah blah with Dana on percussion, drums, trumpet, fire extinguishers and whatever the hell else is laying around. An experiment in interpreting the moment musically.

So, who knows? Maybe you'll even see us this summer, maybe next year, maybe 2006. But we're always HumansBeing, we just need to see other people sometimes. I need my space, alright? You're suffocating me! Um... uh...

Love Humans


Hey there folks. Here's what's happening:

Humans is scheduled to hit the studio in March to drop a few new tracks to be part of a split. Something to let you folks know we're still alive and (hopefully) still evolving. More info on that to come...

The Faith No More tribute has been picked up by Invisible Records, run by Martin Atkins of Pigface. I guess some dude from Tool is doing some solo thing on it too. Pretty strange!

Keep an eye here to find out which one of us completely loses it first!



Hey everyone... if you want to come out and see us anytime in the near future, I suggest you head up to Drifter's on the 30th, cause we're not doing much for shows right now and you may not get a chance to see us again for a while... this area's kinda weak for shows, yaknowhatImean?



File in the "they don't know when to quit" file:
Good ol' Ursula, the van that's gotten Humans to shows for the past five years, got pretty banged up on the way to our show in Connecticut last night in a three-car crack-up during rush hour on Rte 128. We were already running late and we still had to get Steve at work. So we got 'er to a gas station, where she released the last of her radiator fluid, and we got on the horn to Clokseed to ask if there was some equipment we could use if we could get there. They let us use theirs. So we grabbed a few essentials, crammed into Breck's car (who was also involved in the mishap, though not nearly as seriously), and left Ursula behind at a the shell station. We perservered and played the show that night. So our record of cancelled shows is still only at one or two ever, thank you very much!
Extra-special thanks to the following people: Clokseed for making it possible for us to play; Breck for making it possible to GET there to play; and Stephanie and Meghan for helping get Ursula back home at 2AM for some R&R. And also to LIFEINYOURWAY just for being a damn good band.


Hey Humans!
We're all back in Massachusetts for now, and ready to get some stuff rolling. Check out the shows section for new shows listings in September and October. If you'd like us to come play your shows, get in touch with us in the contact section. In addition to HumansBeing, we'd love to do some Forever Endeavor shows. In case you don't know, The Forever Endeavor is a name we took on to explore some things that HumansBeing doesn't much get a chance to explore. So give it some thought... we can fit in on any kind of line-up you've got for us. We dare you.
We're going to try and chisel out some new stuff now so that we don't put out our next album in 2005.
And just a little note: If you happen to live in the San Francisco/Berklee area, you might just find a copy of "Waiting For a Greater Good" in Amoeba Music or Rasputin Records on Telegraph St. in Berklee, and Amoeba on Haight St. in SF.


Hey Humans... a new news update.. finally!
Thanks to everyone that made the Middle East Friday the 13th show GREAT! It was great to see some old friends come out. People were having a good time, we were having a good time. Shit was tight. Right on. Thanks to The Year of Our Lord, Cannae, Kobe Tai, and Hooves.

We're pretty much taking the rest of the summer off from shows and things. As you may know, we don't really like to play the same old thing to you folks at shows over and over, and it's not really fun for anyone to do that. You need to shake it up, stir it, destroy to rebuild. We all need to seek out some new inspiration (not much of that in this area, but there's a little if you look). So we'll spend the rest of the summer learning, thinking, enjoying ourselves, distributing. Having a damn good time. We suggest you all do the same. Follow your bliss!

In the meantime, maybe we'll add some new features to the site (reading material?), throw up some old tracks onto (since it's kinda hard to find My Demons Disagree... although it turns up real cheap in Newbury Comics used section..).

So I guess we'll see you in the fall with some freshness. Be good to yourselves. Keep yourselves ALIVE!

Love... Humans!

Fact of the day: Did you know that Houghton Mifflin, a name most of you have seen on the cover of your SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS, is now owned by UNIVERSAL-VIVENDI, the third-largest media conglomerate? Warn your children... their lessons are about to OVERFLOW with shit! P.S. They also own, so try not to give them any money.

P.P.S. The Danube ain't blue, it's green.


To order the new CD Waiting For A Greater Good, send a check or money order (payable to "Dana Valatka" for now) for $9 for each CD (shipping is included...) to:

P.O. Box 135
Wilmington, MA 01887

Please email to notify us that you sent an order.

Include yer name, address, city, state, zip... even your e-mail address so you can get Humans updates!
I guess you can send cash, just CONCEAL IT VERY WELL.


HumansBeing is on the list to provide a track to a Faith No More tribute compilation called Tribute of the Year, expected to be released by Legion Records next spring.  The compilation will feature the Humans covering "Surprise! You're Dead" as well as several other bands such as showmates Drop Kick Jesus.
--Brother Jay


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