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Waiting For A Greater Good (2001)
1.  It's Better To Have Loved And Have Lost Than It Is To Get Stabbed In The Eye With A Pencil.
2.  Waiting For A Greater Good
3.  This Song Is Killing Me
4.  Forever Ends Today
5.  Remind Me To Forget (Part I)
6.  Kennedy (Remind Me To Forget Part II)
7.  Statues
8.  No Time For Now
9.  Statistic Fueled Witch Hunt
10.  Master The Fall
11.  That's Ridiculous (Revolution 80)
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The Missing Liner Notes:


electric and acoustic guitars - Curtis
vocalizing - Alfonso
6-string bass guitar - Steven
drumset and percussion - Dana
drumming and shouting intro to “Statues” - all of the above
2nd guitar on “Witch Hunt”, “No Time” and “Kennedy” - Dave Jarvis
rattlesnake rattle - snake

recorded during early 2000 except:
6,8,9 recorded 1999
4 recorded 1998

front cover photo and little man photo - Rich Sepulveda
inside photos - HumansBeing
layout - Jono & HumansBeing

Thanks to YOU - you're reading this, so you've taken an interest. As long as there's interest, we can still do this. We love you all, even those who take a negative interest in us. It's all an influence on the music, and we can't thank you all enough. Thanks for being patient. You are all humansbeing.

Extra special thanks to Jay Valatka and Jono for their extra help in getting this stalled project available to you.

My Demons Disagree (1997)
1.  First Time in a Hearse
2.  Encapsulate
3.  Juan Carlos Castro “The Human Experiment”
4.  15 Fits
5.  Amada Shit the Court
6.  Apprentice
7.  Exhausted
8.  My Demons Disagree
9.  Fate Throws a Rock
10.  Patterns

Produced by Glen Robinson

2nd guitar by Greg Najarian
Cover art by Caryn Bopp

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Humansbeing do "Surprise! You're Dead" on Tribute of the Year, a Faith No More Tribute, released in 2002 by Invisible Records.

Also check out "For Walls"
on the compilation UP THE DOSAGE
from Wonderdrug Records
and "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
on the TWISTED RICO 2000 compilation.
Previously released songs are on compilations by MEGA KUNG FU and SADISTIC RECORDS.

For more info on any of this stuff send mail to Brother Jay.

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